Design Your Life

Design Your Life

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Design Your Life

If you’re looking for furniture that will support your body and your tech, there are great ideas and furniture concepts in the Local 831 Furniture Blog. We specialize in furniture that can be moved around and adjusted to suit your needs, and we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience. We work with a team of vendors who are experts in their field, and we’re always looking for ways to improve our service. We’d love to help you find the perfect set of furniture for your home, office, or  mobile office.

I am not a designer or decorator. I have done space planning for offices, meeting rooms, and many workstations. Most of my work was with  GIZA 2020 C.A.D . It is used for drawing, specifying parts, job costing, and producing a Bill Of Materials or BOM. It has a very good (but not perfect) auto part specifier to connect all the furniture parts. My background is in planning office space, practical, Fire, and A.D.A. access. My main focus was building an inventory of parts to support the space and plan for growth into the next space. I was just a planner and provider for the workplace.

Design Your Life  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design

Furniture has become the most influential item that humans have created. Created with or without Design in mind, it influences our behavior and feelings. Think about when you walked into a new restaurant, office, or visiting a friend’s home and how the space made you feel. You can experience the emotion caused by the effort of talented people when they work to make a space functional and attractive. Humans like to be comfortable and to look at nice things.

Furniture can be very comfy, inviting, and engaging. The “modern bed” we have in The West, the sofas/couches from the Middle East, and The Lazy Boy recliner. This is not always at the top of our Work Furniture priority list, but it should be accounted for to help support our bodies. The ego and status of professional office space are important and are part of our “branding”. The Brand or Image has become more valuable than real actions or standards.

We now have personal brands that communicate what we want others to think about us. Personal style has become advertising for the ‘Public Image” portrayed online. We can design ourselves to make the computer algorithms place our “information” where we want it to go. This design has become work for many, and if a group has an office place the same branding should be continued for consistency.

Interior design, furniture, and  what are your goals/needs?

The furniture world is vast, regional, and highly specialized. Try and think about what people will be doing in and around the furniture. Establish “The Why” is furniture needed, function, and purpose. There are lots of resources for ideas and examples, such as.

Commercial,  My Resource Library  is very good and FREE. They have compiled a large library of manufacturers’ catalogs online. Residential,  Houzz website  has ideas, professional contractors, and products to buy. Just Do It    Fiverr  has design professionals that can help you with digital web-based work. I have compiled a long list of furniture terms in  Post #25.

The main idea is to get what you need to help produce the work needing to be done. Please do not spend too much $$$ on furniture and help people. On the other hand furniture for after work and play can be enjoyed guilt-free as part of your entertainment budget.

Design Your Personal Health

In 2019 I hard a really difficult time walking down the stairs. What really got me concerned was when I tried out a 10-minute beginner strength work video and I graded myself with a D. Josh Hash has a very helpful program based on movement, Strength Side, and a series of YouTube Videos that are easy to follow along with.

I found Ben Patrick in an interview with Joe Rogan and Ben has a very inspiring life story. His work to help people prevent and recover from joint problems has helped me. I have been working through the Knee Ability Zero book, it is a series of stretches and body weight exercises that almost everyone can get started with. I am hoping to get proficient with all 8 steps in the next couple of years. My tendons and ligaments will take some time and attention to recover. The ATG team has developed specialized equipment for home gym training. If you want to perform at higher levels, ATG offers personal online coaching. Thousands of professional athletes have benefitted form the ATG team and here are some of their ATG stories.

Design Your Life

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