Desire for Life

Desire for Life

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Desire for Life

de·sire /dəˈzī(ə)r/ noun

A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

“a desire to work in the dirt with your bare hands”.


I should have started with this at the beginning. What do you want, what do you desire for your life? The baby wants to eat, drink and be comfortable. Later you want attention, experiences, and understanding. You continue to add more desires as your brain develops and you get an image of yourselves or “ego”. That desire for attention changes to esteem, value, and hierarchy. When there is no parental guidance, animal-like leadership takes shape. You want to feel safe and cared for, comfortable, and secure.

Humans start learning from observing the world around them and the people they experience. The brain is taking in information and stores it for later use. Over time, as more information is gathered you start to organize and assign meaning to those experiences. You develop personal likes and dislikes. Wisdom can be gained to help apply what you learn to how to act for cause and effect. You can act on your desires and learn how to get what you want.

When properly instructed/educated, you desire to help others and feel compassionate. Understanding the value of delayed gratification is a very important stage in personal growth. Invest time, attention, learn, grow, save money and gain enough resources to get or give “more”.

Desire for Life

Science tells us there are other motivators than just our brains. Our microbiome (our gut) has a very direct connection to our brain and directs the brain in many ways. There is groundbreaking work being done to understand more about this. So, I will let Dr. Huberman from Stanford University School of Medicine share with you his professional incites.


Social, learned, and mimetic desires are developed as you grow. More experiences give your brain more information, combine them together, and form a broader understanding of the world you live in. You learn what to want from the examples of others in your life. Are blue jeans better than khaki slacks, should you want to be a firefighter or a doctor? Your brains get impressions through visual and emotional stimulation. The brain patterns are established and grow without your purposed or effort.  Rene’ Girard  understood “why we want” and has helped many with their work helping other people.

Desire for Life

The start of chosen desires for purpose; a diet for the mind, soul, and body. For many this “freedom of choice” does not come until they leave their parent’s homes. Parental guidance can help or many times crush an individual’s desire. People need time to quietly listen and reflect on their life’s journey. Try some things out and learn about your strengths, and what you like. You can choose what to desire based on what you want to achieve, set goals, and focus is needed. Self-improvement, education, and directed training are very important. You might have seen travel/adventure people  Building their Dream on the road.  This may have triggered a memetic desire that you could act on.

There have been lots of historic studies that have been done to create desire. Shamanistic practice for mystics, monks, and hunters to make them more effective. One of my favorites is a small book by John Randolph Price,  The Abundance Book , and Napoleon Hill’s work from 1937,  Think and Grow Rich.

Modern science has chemical evidence showing how our emotions can affect other people and we may be able to direct their desires. This is also, called advertising using the mimetic power of wanting what we see others enjoy. A common example is two children wanting the same toy in a room full of toys. Seeing the enjoyment and wanting to have the enjoyment for yourself, is so “wired” into what you are it can be hard to resist. We are what we think, we can control our thoughts, and who we spend time “following”. The following, now on the internet is how many feed the Mimetic Desire and the brain can not determine what is real or “good”.

Desire for Life; that you can direct, control to use for super-powered results.

We have a big problem with addiction, period. A BIG problem that takes freedom away and takes you down a path that is not productive.  Dr. Anna Lembke  can help you understand more about addiction and it is a superpower that you can defeat.

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