DIY Santa Cruz Style

DIY Santa Cruz Style

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DIY Santa Cruz Style

What is DIY Santa Cruz Style, just off the bus? There is of course your tourist style, Red Dot T-Shirt and you might even get cold and get a black hoodie with the same red Dot. What is up with this Red Dot thing and why are “skateboards” on this for a beach town? Just buy the clothes, blend in and get high. Why are so many people wearing these funny flat shoes? Just buy some of those too. You smell Pizza My Heart, get in line, buy some slices and get another T-Shirt. Dude… those are some cool people hanging at Pacific Garden Mall, let’s talk with them. Your new friends shared their killer nuggs and oopsy… that is some good stuff. Wow, the sun is dropping, put that hoodie on and you are good to go for the rest of the night. Look they have live music, right on the street and people are grooving. Mmmm, Pacific Cookie Company and Mission Creamery. Your new friends invite you to a party right behind City Hall, more cool people, Party Time, and the cops don’t even care. All of this is within a 15 min walk from the bus station and this looks like a good place to crash for the night. Now you have 2 T-shirts, a warm hoodie, new shoes, cool new friends, and accepted into the Local Santa Cruz Community. All on the very first day. You are soooo, Super Local and will look for a tent, like tomorrow or whatever.

You wake up, later, not sure what time of day it is. Your phone and backpack are gone. No one knows anything and your new friends are not around. Also, you understand why so many people wear hats and maybe get one. CAUTIONARY TALE… DO NOT go to a party or “festival” with a bunch of tents around, behind some building, or under a bridge. This is DIY Santa Cruz Style, but not a good one. One more hint, buy your Santa Cruz “uniform” at a thrift store or Goodwill. Homeless people can see when people have fresh, new “Santa Cruz” clothes and know that you just got here and still have some $$$. 

DIY Santa Cruz Style

Just got to Campus, got your college gear? Settle into your new place, and figure out about eats and drinks. Any of your tribe around, music, fashion, culture, or sportsSanta Cruz Style is very much about individuality and being yourself. There may be strong feelings about fitting in, being part of the group, and getting new friends. You are free to explore all the different cultures around you and see what you like. On-Campus there are people from all over the world, please get to know some different people and accept them as they are. This is very Santa Cruz and different types of people hang out together. It is important to think for yourself, keep healthy, and take responsibility. The DIY idea is… DO IT YOURSELF. Don’t let others dictate their style to you, stand up and grow forward. This is your time to plan out, what kind of life you want and that is very much Santa Cruz Style. Invest in yourself, learn, learn, learn and work hard. Nobody gets great at surfing without learning and working. Let your personal style will develop around you, because of the type of person you are and what you do. It is all about the doing and not the posing for “Insta-Pics”. Take some time, follow your interests, and be aware of new opportunities to learn and develop new skills. You might even want to make your Santa Cruz Style T-shirt, stickers, or hat. Natural Motion Creations can help you with that. E and L Custom Designs are a great example of what you can make and sell.

The Great Outdoors

Nature, taking care of the planet, and personal health. These are core values for people that choose to live in Santa Cruz. You can enjoy many types of outdoor recreation. The MeetUp app is a great way to get together with new people and do things. There are groups for “first-timers”, new-in-town transplants, and even just “Beer Me Santa Cruz”. Get out, explore, pack some snacks, walk out the door and then decide which way to go. If you do want to get out on the trail, google maps will be helpful and has great suggestions for new places to go. There is so much to do, so many new sports and places to see. Every day has wonderful sunrises and sunsets, search to find your favorite spots. Volunteer in gardening projects, and help others to enjoy the forest and coastal areas. #25 DIY Santa Cruz Style, pack your trash, get with coastal cleanup groups and lead by example. RVT is a company that helps people buy and sell Recreational Vehicles. 

Our local government has a long history of bipolar environmentalism. They do not want more buildings, large housing projects, and big box stores. They also, spend well over a million dollars every year supporting slums for homeless drug addicts, that run their human waste to the rivers and ocean. The ocean is a “protected” marine sanctuary. The Santa Cruz Government lets hundreds of people use it as a toilet and disposal for their toxic drug addict trash. Stupid public policy is also a Santa Cruz Style, laws for you and not for them. The Sanctuary City experiment that values criminals over legal working American citizens, has cost the U.S. more than we can calculate.

Leaving Silicon Valley

Get Local, pay cash for a coastal shack, plow it down and build a Mc-Mansion. Complain about the salt air, your $1,00,000+ personal vehicle, traffic, parking, the smell of nature, and local restaurants. What is up with all these “Beware of The Locals” stickers? Bring your Costo Foamy board to the best surf spots, clog the lineup for locals that know how to surf, and paddle in front of them while they are on the wave. Leave your trash in a parking lot or whenever your cup is empty. Then another DIY Santa Cruz Style, become a responsible adult, respect others, live with gratitude, move to Aptos and embrace your inner yogi.

Cana Culture

Santa Cruz has generations of farmers, legal and illegal. People came from Europe and Mexico starting as early as the 1820s. Ranching, farming, and fishing were our first local industries, supplying the Gold Rush and San Francisco populations with food. As Central California grew, lumber was needed and the redwood trees were there for harvesting. Farmers feed people and always planning for the future. The 1960s came around and a new crop was being grown. The Santa Cruz Mountains became an outdoor laboratory for cultivating, breeding, and cross-breeding Cannabis. Santa Cruz Style got very hippy indeed, tuning in, turning on, and dropping out.

DIY Santa Cruz Style Medical

Fortunately, Val and Mike Corral pioneered modern cannabis treatments for medical problems. They started W.A.M.M. an alliance for Wo/men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana. Helping thousands of sick people and working to make medical marijuana legal and free for those in need. NOT KIDDING, Back to The Garden, farming is 100% DIY Santa Cruz Style and grow some. Quictent.com has some great greenhouse tents and smaller grow tents. They are designed to manage light, humidity, and airflow. Jackery company has mobile solar panel systems with battery storage for off-the-grid locations.

DIY Santa Cruz Style Reality

Historically Santa Cruz was inhabited by people working and living to support their families. Hunters, fishers, gathers, farmers, and parents with children. All living in the real world, with real-world “ups and downs”. Real weather, sun, fog, and rain thrived for many many generations. Western Europeans and Chinese eventually came and lived for the same reason- Family. As modern people do, politics and economic competition developed. The tourist industry also developed and things started to get more “unnatural”. People came to Santa Cruz to escape their “reality”, relax, and vacation. Some decided to never go back and stay. This still happens every year, even in 2022.

By the early 1960s, the University of California at Santa Cruz was established and Santa Cruz would never be the same. The 1960s ramped up the “counter-culture” and started to build a different reality from parents with children with the family as the main purpose for life. When visiting college students were able to vote in local elections, the politics were no longer in the control of the real families that made Santa Cruz what it was. Families continued to be pushed further down that priority of local governance. The new reality of drug culture was encouraged, taught, and promoted in many Universities across Western Civilization. This is still a DYI Santa Cruz Style for some, forget family let’s get high.

The turn of the century and high tech has further driven many from reality. This YouTube talk is from April 2022 and you can get another point of view on The War on Reality.

DIY Santa Cruz Style – Family

Thankfully, Silicon Valley has given Tech workers hope, and income and many are looking forward to a future with traditional values. It is hard to think of raising a family when you can not even buy a house. I see many young families moving to the Monterey Bay Area to escape “The City” and spend more time in nature. The Work From Home option can work very well for families. The hippy drug culture has faded, the skater punks have gone gray, and happy yoga culture is everywhere. Things are coming full cycle and parents with kids are becoming important again.

DIY Santa Cruz Style – Old People

In 2019 I had a hard time walking down the stairs at Seacliff Beach. What really got me concerned was when I tried out a 10-minute beginner strength work video and I graded myself with a D. Josh Hash has a very helpful program based on movement, Strength Side, and a series of YouTube Videos that are easy to follow along with.

I found Ben Patrick in an interview with Joe Rogan and Ben has a very inspiring life story. His work to help people prevent and recover from joint problems has helped me. I have been working through the Knee Ability Zero book, it is a series of stretches and body weight exercises that almost everyone can get started with. I am hoping to get proficient with all 8 steps in the next couple of years. My tendons and ligaments will take some time and attention to recover. The ATG team has developed specialized equipment for home gym training. If you want to perform at higher levels, ATG offers personal online coaching. Thousands of professional athletes have benefitted form the ATG team and here are some of their ATG stories.

Let’s boil it down, #30 DIY Santa Cruz Style. Independent- Creative- Environmental- Social- Healthy- FUN- Happy- Helpful and REAL.

Cryptocurrency work has become very popular to financially support DIY Santa Cruz Style and Coinbase will help you manage those type of transactions.

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