Freedom and Western Civilization

Freedom and Western Civilization

Freedom and Western Civilization

It is the End of March 2022 and another major event is happening. This time humans are 100% responsible and world freedom is at stake. There is a long history of global tribalism with different groups wanting to dominate and enslave as much of the globe as possible. What kind of government do you want to support with your purchasing $$$?

In the East, the largest country has been working to make themselves “Above All” using every tactic and technology for generations. They have made great strides in many world governments, educational establishments, and anyone that puts greed above their country. They have developed a method of “investment” in infrastructure and then employed their citizens to work in those countries. The very large “loans” are sometimes used as leverage to impose the “Above All” agenda. Many politicians and government officials have been lured into another program called “Elite Capture” by monetizing family members through government-run businesses that pay BIG. No hot war, just financial war and buying large amounts of Western Civilization.

In Europe, an old Soviet-Style Leader continues to invade other countries in hopes of building his empire. Many U.S. officials are getting paid, companies’ fortunes are being moved and free people are losing jobs. A hot war is their historic industry with selling fossil fuel-based energy to fund it. Simple Communism, Marxism, or whatever new label is being used to dominate people and make them powerless.

Talk about slavery, discrimination, oppression, and the Social Justice Warriors’ claims of what they care about. Dose real war, giant cargo ships, unmanaged manufacturing, and factories floating out of international waters help environmental pollution? Modern slavery by low wages, high cost of living, and humans dependence on Governments sound like Social Justice?

Freedom and Western Civilization

Use what freedom you have to invest in yourself to help others. Study your country’s history and laws. Support those that want to make your country FREE and prosperous for families. Vote with your $$$ and local elections. RVT can help you Hit The Road with a new to you RV or sell your old one.

I get helpful emails from USA Love List and look for Made in America vendors to promote. Let’s stop burning fuel to import what we can get into our local economy. Stop giving our money to countries that oppress their citizens and others as well. Check with your Chamber of CommerceThink Local First, or A.M.I.B.A. for national level and Farmers Market to invest with your people.

If you would like to find out more. Audio, hardback, Kindle, or paperback books are available at my Local 831 Book Shop.

For balance, deeper incite, and a broader view I do spend time listening to Joe Rogan’s guests in long 2-3 hour freestyle interviews. He can get a wide variety of people with lots of passionate history. Also, Rebel Wisdom for international deeply educational perspectives. They have many speakers with journalistic and academic backgrounds. Rebel Wisdom is based in The U.K. and has regular courses similar to university.

#Freedom and Western Civilization

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