Local 831 Artists

Local 831 Artists

Local 831 Artists

The Monterey Bay has so many beautiful places and interesting people, there is a special something here. The sun brings out the flavor from the deep, and the fog lifts the water up and shares it with the land. People come from all over the world, to just be here and experience everything. There is a long history of visual artists devoting years of their lives to capturing and sharing what they see and feel along the coast.

World War II drove many Europeans to America, some came out west and helped establish our “entertainment industry”. Creative Architects of the Imagination, Dali and Disney would spend time together, share ideas, and work. There was a party hosted by Dali at Hotel Del Monte and many “things” happened there. Movie history goes back to 1897 when “Surf at Monterey” was filmed by Edison Manufacturing Co.

Painters, photographers with sculptors, and writers, we feature the work of talented locals who make our community unique. If you’re looking for some inspiration or just want to appreciate the talent in our midst. Check out the work of some of our local 831 artists! There’s something for everyone, and with so many talented people you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. Feed your soul, inspire your heart, and let your creativity grow.

Local 831 Artists

Here are some places and people to experience Local 831 Artists’ work.

There are many communities that have 1st Fridays events to promote Local business and ART is business.

1st Friday’s Monterey and Salinas

1st Friday’s Capitola and Morgan Hill

39th Capitola Art and Wine Festival. It is a 3-day event with thousands of people from all over the world.

Esty is a great resource for Local Capitola Artists to display and sell their work.

See Monterey 2022 for a calendar of events

Monterey County Arts Habitat supports many independent artists.

Esty Local Monterey Artists are there too.

Sunshine Designs 831 is very artsy crafty.

Tatiana Scher Photography captures the natural and the people enjoying The Local 831 with grace and style.

Santa Cruz Sea Glass & Ocean Arts Festival 2022

Carmel Arts Festival with Plein Air Competition 2022

Carmel Ca. has many Local Artists on Etsy

Arron Chang is one of my favorite Local 831 Photographers

RootStock Artisan Collective, 861 41st Ave. Rooted in Santa Cruz, to grow Santa Cruz Art.

Etsy Artist Josh Everson is Making Waves, a New Set is Coming in…

Y.A.C. Young Artists Collective equips and mentors Monterey County artists.

The Salinas Valley has a very long history of creative work.

Tannery Arts Center, A HOME for THE ARTS

Alisal Center for The Fine Arts. Helps youth to express themselves through Fine Art and understand cultural history.

San Lorenzo Valley Art Tour, Wander up HWY 9 and look for Local Artists and Shops.

San Juan Bautista Art and Quality Crafts Festival, Full On- Close Third Street and enjoy.

Pajaro Valley Arts, has a fun Wine, Beer and Art Walk in August.

Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History is open all year round and has many events.

Santa Cruz Open Studio Tour, go see local artists in their natural environment.

Andy’s Fine Wood Working does incredible work. They make, furniture, art, doors, and FUN stilts.

Widely Viewed Suzzanne Mccourt has been working in the area for well over 20 years and finished an exhibit at ART ExpoNY 6-2022.

Santa Cruz Artists on Etsy

Monterey Museum of Art, fine art, and great people.

BIG SUR, is one of the most inspiring stretches of land on America’s West Coast. Explore from Carmel down to the lower edge of The 831 you will find New Camaldoli Hermitage. This could take a week or more. Esty has many Local and Big Sur inspired art work. Here is a short list of helpful places to visit.

San Benito County Arts Council connects people, spaces, and people through ART.

Local 831 Artists

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