Local 831 Sun and Water

Local 831 Sun and Water

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Local 831- Sun and Water

Water and Light

On both sides of the new day, we can see the water and light. Sometimes the water is fog, marine layer, clouds, or rain with the sun creating light and refracting through the water. We can all enjoy the warmth; many can enjoy the changing sky as the intensity of the light changes. Water vapor moves, evaporate, and blows across the earth. Every day is a new mixture of the two and sadly sometimes we have forest fire smoke. Catching these images is a true art form and Aaron Chang is one of my favorites.

The Monterey Bay

Most of The 831 is around Monterey Bay, a very special place cut out of the coast around an undersea canyon about a mile deep. As the inland areas heat up during the summer months the air rises and cool air is pulled in from the ocean. The summer sun also warms the ocean water evaporating surface water into the air forming fog or clouds. When that warm surface water is pulled upward, colder water wells up from the depths, and nutrients come with it to feed marine life. All this heat exchange makes wind and waves. The sun’s energy moving huge masses of air and water makes for beautiful skies.

We Love The Sun

Driving along the “C” shaped Monterey bay gives you many changing views for morning and evening sky viewing. With some thought, you can catch the sun with the purpose of incredible shows. The Coastline running north and south will give you ocean sunsets and the coastline facing south will have very nice sunrises. Going south to the Big Sur area has a coastline facing many ways for epic views all year long. North of Santa Cruz towards San Mateo County has great sunsets as well. Watch your clock, get your vehicle supplied with snacks, warm clothes, and drinks to catch the show from the vista you love. Jackery Company provides mobile battery storage and optional solar panels that can extend your electrical power time.

Some groups meet for scheduled events and enjoy the end of the day. Experience the tranquility, peace, and calmness as the ocean waves harmonize with the sound of Crystal Bowls raising your vibration and energy levels. One hour before sunset at Moran Lake Beach, our Local Kim Molloy works with light, and water and creates sounds that reach our souls.

Why we need Both?

The sun’s warmth is evident; we have relied on its dependable organized season driving presence throughout history. Humans have developed ways to use their energy and habits to schedule life around the seasons. The sun heats water, making clouds that move the water vapor back up in the sky and drop snow/rain back to the earth. The sun naturally disinfects, the evaporation process leaves contaminates behind and mountains/aquafers filter to add vital minerals back into the system. The sun also triggers our body’s ability to make the hormone vitamin “D” and there are many many processes that our body uses it for.

We Love The Water.

Water for many generations water was not regulated and even today is not 100% reliable. Humans followed the game as the animals followed the rivers and lakes. Other human groups fished along with the waterways, and many established fishing villages still survive today. When humans settled into farming communities they discovered, and created ways to use water, dam it up, and get energy from its movement flowing down to the seas. Purify it for better drinking, and irrigation of plants and livestock. Get your wet gear at Swim Outlet based in the Campbell just over the hill.

Why do we LOVE both?

In this modern age, sun and water are used in many ways and humans are still dependent on both of life. But, why do we value places close to water and sunshine? Local Marine Biologist, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols has been doing scientific work to find out why. I will let you learn from his work and in his own words.

Help The Earth

Local 831- Sun and Water

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