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The body is made up of systems that are driven by fluids, chemicals, and electricity. The supportive bones, binding soft tissue, and moving muscles make up most of the rest of the body. The brain is soft tissue and is very important to keep everything “firing” correctly. The importance of body movement is known and now we can move with purpose.

Back to Movement

As we move some areas are constricted and others open up. The heart muscle contracts “pumps”, moves blood, and forces valves to open and close. The heart muscle moves without our attention or direction and does so quite well. So, why should we move the body? When the blood is pushed out through the heart it eventually gets to the lower parts of the body and we need to help it back up. The blood runs through the veins or tubes and many of them have similar one-way valves to the heart. Unlike the heart, these veins do not constrict to push the blood. The veins are constricted by the muscles around them. A very important part of this system is the muscles in our legs, they constrict the blood veins and push the blood through the one-way valves back up to the body. This process is also what gets blood to our ever-important brain. Our blood is pushed by muscle and pulled by gravity. This is just one system in our body that requires muscle constraint to make it work. When we move our body, the muscles activate “constrain” to pull the body parts along. We can do this and should do this purposely to help our body/brain function in good order. Blood delivers oxygen and the nutrients that our brain needs to function. It also carries away waste materials and carbon dioxide to be disposed of at both ends of our digestive tract. There is a whole mix of chemicals that also need to be delivered or picked up for disposal. Blood flow is very important.

Movement while Sitting

Most office, creative, knowledge, or computer work is done while sitting. For this discussion let’s use tech work. The tech worker has been supported by ergonomic chairs for decades and the chairs are always getting better. The fact is in today’s mobile working environment, we might not even be using a chair. This “sitting” slows down our blood flow and many-body positions simply “kink the hose” to restrict it. The best practice to keep our mind and body flowing together is to move with purpose. Standing up, stretching, and walking are good. There has been lots of work done to study body mechanics and how all the systems benefit each other. Specialized stretches and movements can get great results without lots of time. Tech workers should invest in some study and practice, to get a program that works for them. Yes, we still need to GET UP, MOVE and do your practice. It could be very simple, your jam music and rock it for a few or a short Tai-Chi session. “The most comfortable position is the next one” Flokk Inc. HÅG CAPISCO

There is also very good work done by Ben Patrick, the Knees Over Toes Guy. He has developed some stretching and exercise routines that help protect your body and can recover from injuries. His background YouTube video is inspiring and has helped thousands of people to move without pain.

Tech Workers are smart, informed, and know they need to move. Also, get very into what they are working on and don’t want to break their flow state. There are many ways to be reminded to move, including alarm clocks, calendar notices, or empty coffee cups. Some Autonomous Company has automated tables that will move on the schedule you program them for. For better movement, you will benefit from ATG Equipment for home gym training. In 2019 I was having a hard time walking down stairs and I found Ben Patrick on a Joe Rogan interview. I did ben’s simple exercises, and they 100% worked. The main idea is an old idea… Just Do It. Thanks, Nike


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