Recovery for Health

Recovery for Health

Recovery for Health

I was born in 1963 and most of my work has been done sitting, CAD drawings, professional driving, and blogging. My spine has shrunk and ligaments as well. In 2019 I was having a hard time walking downstairs, at my max weight and then The Lab Virus came. I changed my work, diet, and exercise and lost 15lbs. I was still having problems walking down the stairs. I did get some pills to help with my energy, I found The New Alpha and they are very good. Not for people under 18 years of age.

I found Ben Patrick in an interview with Joe Rogan and Ben has a very inspiring life story. His work to help people prevent and recover from joint problems has helped me. I have been working through the Knee Ability Zero book, it is a series of stretches and body weight exercises that almost everyone can get started with. I am hoping to get proficient with all 8 steps in the next couple of years. My tendons and ligaments will take some time and attention to recover.

What really got me concerned was when I tried out a 10-minute beginner strength work video and I graded myself with a D. Josh Hash has a very helpful program based on movement, Strength Side, and a series of YouTube Videos that are easy to follow along with.

Recovery for Health

Ben Patrick and Josh Hash have done very good work. The programs are communicated well, and easy to follow they can be challenging for the unconditioned. Both have entry-level work to get you started and progressions to advanced skill levels. Both programs level up with weights and other equipment to keep your gains growing. This is for competitive level training and should be eased into. My plan is to recover the range of motion in my shoulders and hips to enjoy surfing again.

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