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Shop Local 831

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Local 831 Furniture 

The Covid is still going on and many are not wanting to shop in person. I have made a list of Local 831 area companies that sell their products online or In Real Life. Many Items are affiliate links and I do get a small % of each sale. San Mateo company Rakuten gives you CASH BACK for purchases from many companies.

Fuel Up at The Point Market, snacks, drinks, gear, and rad burritos all day.

Feed Your Mind and Soul, Local Authors

I have curated 238 books by authors in the 831 area, from Skater Art to Ph.D. Professors and everything in between.

Two Birds Books 881 41st Ave. New and Used books. I call 831-900-5588, ask for a stock check, and get in and out fast.

Dive for Fun

Otter Bay Wetsuits custom suits are individually handcrafted to about 60 of your measurements. We make a pattern from scratch, cut the suit out by hand, and glue the suit together. The seams are sewn on both sides for durability and guaranteed for the life of the suit. Did you lose your mermaid tail and need an upgrade?

Water Gear- GET WET

This company is based out of Campbell, Ca. SwimOutlet.com I could not find a local company with this type of water gear offered.


Cambria is absolutely KPIG COUNTRY and has lots of Local 831 Bike Gear.

Santa Cruz Mountain BikeIbis very light, strong bikes, Fox Shocks / Racing Suspension, Bell / Giro Helmets, Camelbak MAD Hydration.

Floor Cleaning

After playing in the dirt, cleaning might happen and FlexSweep is a local manufacturer of floor cleaning gear. They have created a flexible system based on pole with a life time guarantee.

In 1977 Simon Cassar had an idea of push broom pole that don’t break. Yes, the part that is continually scrubbing hard floors will eventually wear out. The real invention was the way the pole is connected to working end of the stick, after many years of effort, the TG-7 Unbreakable Connector wanted created.   

After The FUN… Relax and Get a little more sun. Selling outdoor furniture since 1980 in Santa Cruz, Ca.

Blend in and Stand out #16 Shop Local 831

Old 831 Brand Clothing, designed and made in Santa Cruz.

Amazon has lots of Santa Cruz Gear, everything is not verified as being “authentic”… it is Amazon after all.

Natural Motions has been putting your images on gear, with over 20 years experience. If you have any work from Santa Cruz Boardroom, Jimbo Phillips, NHS, or Santa Cruz Board Walk you might be Rolling With Natural Motion.

Got Crocs? Sunshine Designs 831 has very fun charms to personalize them.

Jimbo Phillips, Merge 4 socks, mini skateboards, and LipSlide Grinds CookBook.


Many Santa Cruz Boardroom, skater style, and the “vintage” California style items come from Lantern Press in Seattle Wa.

Mac & Cheese Santa Cruz Style

JUST FOR FUN… Goodle has gone ALL IN on boxed MAC & CHEESE. The quick ingredient list for the noodles. Wheat Flour, Chick Pea Protein, Nutrients from; Broccoli, Spinach, Kale, Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes, Sunflower Seeds, Cranberry, Chlorella, Maitake, and Shitake Mushrooms. Ha, not a quick list, and more info is available on the Goodles.com website.

The Monterey Bay is very deep and mysterious. Don’t be afraid to ask for expert help from The Mermaids or just get some Mermaid Mafia Gear going on.

The Best Lube for your brain, is from a great company in Watsonville.

Get Nordic Naturals

Shop Local 831

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